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The Generator Class


generate:before(generator, generateOptions)Hook on before generation
generate:cache:ignore(ignore)Hook to add ignore pattern, see generate.cache.ignore option
generate:distRemoved(generator)Hook on destination folder cleaned
generate:distCopied(generator)Hook on copy static and built files
generate:route({ route, setPayload })Hook before generating the page, useful for dynamic payload, see #7422, available for Nuxt 2.13+
generate:page({ route, path, html, errors, page })Hook to let user update the path & html after generation
generate:routeCreated({ route, path, errors })Hook on saving generated page success
generate:extendRoutes(routes)Hook to let user update the routes to generate
generate:routeFailed({ route, errors })Hook on saving generated page failure
generate:done(generator, errors)Hook on generation finished


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