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The Renderer Class

This class is exporting a connect middleware which handles and serves all SSR and asset requests.


We can register hooks on certain life cycle events.

render:before(renderer, options)Before setting up middleware and resources for the Renderer class, useful to overload some methods or options.
render:setupMiddleware(app) connect instanceBefore Nuxt adds its middleware stack. We can use it to register custom server side middleware.
render:errorMiddleware(app) connect instanceBefore adding Nuxt error middleware, useful to add your own middleware before using Nuxt's. See the Sentry module for more info.
render:resourcesLoaded(resources)Called after resources for renderer are loaded (client manifest, server bundle, etc).
render:done(renderer)SSR Middleware and all resources are ready (Renderer ready)
render:routeContext(context.nuxt)Every time a route is server-rendered and before render:route hook. Called before serializing Nuxt context into window.__NUXT__, useful to add some data that you can fetch on client-side.
render:route(url, result, context)Every time a route is server-rendered. Called before sending back the request to the browser.
render:routeDone(url, result, context)Every time a route is server-rendered. Called after the response has been sent to the browser.


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